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White Madonna tapestry

My dear friends, contacts,

In 2012 I made a drawing of  the Blessed Virgin Mary with her baby Jesus under very special conditions, the Light/an energy has led my hand feeling like a miracle. Attached you find my drawing in pencil.
Being a sacred tapestry artist I have decided to weave this picture in life-size. As I practice/pursue my profession in my whole life with a serious consciousness of my mission, I have started to realize my idea with the intention that this is my way to help the entire Humanity, for the benefit of all mankind.

I started the warping and weaving of the picture in August 2013.
Due to newly received information the title of the tapestry was changed to WHITE MADONNA.
This tapestry is being woven with the traditional French gobelin technique. Dimensions: 150 times 89 cm. Material: silk and ’gold’ metal thread.
As I weave with a warping of 5, the work is very time consuming, the progression is slow, I estimate to finish it within one year from the start.

In the attached photos you may see the state what I have reached in this moment. To be able to continue and finish I desparately need to have sponsors. Balls of thread are continuously needed and bought – and they are very expensive – and in addition to this very serious and long lasting job, I am not able to make anything else.

I kindly ask all of you, if you have the ability, possibility to help me by any way/amount enabling me to finish this grandious job of very great importance in the present time of the humanity, please contact me by any means as indicated below.
Any amount of sponsoring this mission is mostly welcome, and I would be grateful to you if you share this mail with your friends, to inform as much people as possible.

Thanks for your future generosity:

Éva Farkas

Sacred tapestry artist

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